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New Honda motorcycle for U$800: Automaker makes super launch in a country

Honda launches motorcycle for cheap price and thousands of celebrations

Currently, Honda is one of the main automakers in Brazil and the world, being one of the most beloved companies among Brazilians. This is due to the fact that its catalog has powerful and beautiful motorcycles that win the hearts of the public.

However, it is worth noting that some of its models are not usually very cheap. The company’s simplest model is the Pop 110i, which costs around US$1,800. But what few people know is that there is an even cheaper model, around US$800.

This is the Motocompo, a type of folding scooter, which can even be transported in the trunk of a car. According to information from the website ‘Vrum’, the model was very successful in the 80s and is now back, but in an electric version. In the 80s, the motorcycle, called the Motocompo, was a real rage.

Old model of Motocompo ((Photo: Disclosure/ Internet)
Old model of Motocompo ((Photo: Disclosure/ Internet)


It has an electric motor capable of developing 0.6 hp of power. In fact, Honda’s new motorcycle reaches 24 km/h, and has a battery that supports up to 19 km, and recharging from a 110V socket takes just 3 hours to charge.

The motorcycle contains a headlight, taillight and signal lights, as well as a digital panel with speedometer and charge meter.

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New model of Motocompo ((Photo: Disclosure/ Internet)
New model of Motocompo ((Photo: Disclosure/ Internet)


According to him here, the idea is that his electric model will allow people to make short trips, such as from a distant parking lot to work, or for other benefits, such as students at large universities.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer also wants to develop a specific and complete line of accessories for the motorcycle, such as a backpack, which will serve as a cover and even a helmet.

New model of Motocompo ((Photo: Disclosure/ Internet)
New model of Motocompo ((Photo: Disclosure/ Internet)

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